Ouidad Services

Are you looking for a curly haircut or curly hairstyle that will bring out your best self?

Adored Salon specializes in Ouidad services to ensure our curly-haired clients are able to embrace their natural texture with the most flattering of hairstyles. Natural curly hair can be absolutely stunning…if cared for properly!

Why Ouidad? Ouidad takes a skincare-like approach to curly hair product formulation, building a foundation for frizz-fighting results from the inside-out. The result of this philosophy is curly hair products that are light, breathable and don’t weigh the hair down by trying to beat it into submission. The products “weather proof” hair without coating it with sticky, gummy residues providing smooth, soft, luscious, defined curls.

Check out our Ouidad Before and After photos below if you don’t believe that Ouidad could bring out the natural beauty of your curly hair. Call us now at 630-613-9500 or set up an appointment online. We can’t wait to help you!

Ouidad Curly Hair Services 
Ouidad Deep Treatment, Carve and Slice Cut and Rake and Shake Style $175
Ouidad Carve and Slice Cut and Rake and Shake Style $135
Ouidad Carve and Slice Cut Only$105
Ouidad Carve and Slice Cut Only with a Ouidad Deep Treatment$135
Ouidad Rake and Shake Style $50
Ouidad Deep Treatment$50
Dematting$50 per half hour

*Price may increase due to the amount of hair you have which will result in a use of more product and the stylist’s time.

Ouidad by Andrea


Ouidad by Jackie