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Collagen Treatments

Add a soothing and relaxing collagen treatment to your next appointment! Blended with wholesome ingredients of Milk ‘n Honey that exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Natural plant ingredients and marine-based collagen boost skin’s firmness. Aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C and rose oil soothe and nourish.

SATIN SMOOTH CLARIFYING ACTION SERUM: This skin clarifying serum cleanses oily and environmentally stressed skin. Concentrated with botanicals, antioxidants, vitamin B3 and mandelic acid. Clarifying Action Serum brightens and helps improve cellular turnover, and is recommended for problem skin to restore its natural balance.

SATIN SMOOTH STAY CALM SERUM: This light, soothing serum helps reduce redness, dryness and uneven skin tones caused by daily environment and aging. Stay Calm Serum is ideal for sensitive skin, and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SATIN SMOOTH ULTRA BLOOM SERUM: This anti-aging serum gently brightens and nourishes UV-damaged and aging skin with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamin B3. Ultra Bloom Serum illuminates skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and smoothing away dead skin cells.

SATIN SMOOTH YOUTHFUL BOOST SERUM: This silky serum plumps, hydrates and restores skin’s youthful integrity. Uniquely formulated with peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Youthful Boost Serum helps skin look and feel younger.

Collagen Treatments 
Intensive Moisturizing Hand Mask$15
• Shea butter, marine collagen, vitamin E, and argan oil help moisturize skin • Contains ginkgo, ginseng and soybean seed • Goji berry, seaweed and thuja extract have soothing benefits • Rose oil helps tone and soften skin
Ultimate Face Lift Collagen Mask$15
•Soothing and refreshing •Pore minimizing •Moisturizes and hydrates •Firms and tightens
Ultimate Neck Lift Collagen Mask$15
•Soothing and refreshing •Moisturizes and hydrates •Firms and tightens
Undereye Lift Collagen Mask$10
•Moisturizes under the eye •Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles •Helps diminish appearance of crow's feet
Ultimate Lip Plump Collagen Mask$10
•Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips •Creates the appearance of full lips •Moisturizes lips •Firms and tightens

Add a mini facial ($60) to your eyelash extension appointment or on its own! During the service, you receive a deep mini cleanse and a specialty serum to have you ready for the day!

Eliminate unwanted hair to reveal silky smooth skin with our waxing hair removal services!

Waxing Services 
Brow Waxing$18
Lip Waxing$10
Chin Waxing$18