Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

“Change your hair, change your life.” We hear the sentiment often. More than ever before, people have thinning hair that has been completely over processed. Their hair can no longer grow, it splits and breaks at a certain length or their hair grows at an incredibly slow rate. The odds are even if you are … Read more

Curly Hair ~ The Ouidad Cut Versus A Regular Haircut

We often get phone calls at the salon where people want the “Ouidad Knowledge.” They want to know the specifics on how to obtain the benefits of this specialty cut, but are obviously hesitant to justify the cost associated with it. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some of the most … Read more

Changing Your Color Using NBR ~ Ze

As most of you know, I was looking to change my hair color from black to vibrant red. It is a long process and I have low patience when it comes to my own hair. Ironic, right!? We are telling people all of the time that change takes time. I should know better! Lol. For … Read more

Shampoo & Conditioning

Clients often say the shampoo experience is their absolute favorite part of the salon visit. And, I agree! There is nothing quite like the combination of reclining, warm water cascading around you while a massaging cleanse of your mane takes place. If only we could replicate that same level of relaxation, while at home, shampooing … Read more