Curves, Twists & Turns

Not only a hairstyle with a lot of movement but also a common metaphor to sum up the unpredictability of life. I never anticipated I would own my own salon. I always said management was not for me. I never saw myself as a “Boss Babe” or “Boss Lady.” How did it all happen? My … Read more

Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

“Change your hair, change your life.” We hear the sentiment often. More than ever before, people have thinning hair that has been completely over processed. Their hair can no longer grow, it splits and breaks at a certain length or their hair grows at an incredibly slow rate. The odds are even if you are … Read more

Hair Extensions ~ Natural Beaded Rows

Hey, guys! This is my first blog in a really long time and I decided I should give a little more insight into NBR–Natural Beaded Rows–hair extensions. Whether in person or on our social media pages, I cannot stop raving about these hair extensions. They. Are. Awesome.

What makes these extensions so unique is that they are put in as rows, meaning less points of contact, which means less damage to your hair! Let’s be real, the unfortunate truth is everything in the end stresses your tresses–from ponytails to brushing to coloring, flat iorning or curling. That is why I am so obsessed with these extensions, they are the least damaging on the market.

I have very fine fragile hair and I was always afraid to get extensions due to the additional damage it would cause. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. And, have never been more in love with my hair!

I get my extensions for length and thickness. No matter your hair texture or density, the extensions can create a variety of different looks giving volume, length or both. They only take approximately three hours to be put in and you can reuse the hair when you have to get them raised after six to eight weeks. Gorgeous hair extensions that are less damaging, reusable, and take less time…they are nothing short of amazing!

Natural Beaded Rows are a must have for the hair of your dreams! Fill out the form below to see if you are a fit for these incredible hair extensions.

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