Favorite Lash Boosting Products ~ Rosie

  I have a lot of clients that ask “How can I have more?” More what? More lashes. Across the board, that is the most frequently asked question, regardless if they are lash lift or eye lash extension clients. Unfortunately lashes lessen as we age because our hair growth cycles become shorter and less frequent … Read more

Eyelash Extensions ~ Care 101 ~ Rosie

Once you have eyelash extensions, caring for them properly is very important. Daily cleansing is essential because eyelashes protect your eyes from dust, debris, pollen, pollutants, mold spores, and all other environmental debris. When you have eyelash extensions, your protection is essentially being doubled, hence they are likely to collect even more debris. If debris is allowed … Read more

Full Sets: Classic vs. American Volume

Hello Lash Ladies! Some of my clients have asked me during their fills what is the difference between Classic Lashes and American Volume Lashes. So I will point out the main differences. -American Volume has a thick base and length compared to Classic the base is thick but the length is finer in the sense … Read more

New Lashes with NeuLash

New Lashes with NeuLash By Rosie, Adored Salon, 630-613-9500 NeuLash’s formula delivers more benefits than just conditioning. NeuLash can dramatically improve the weak appearance of eyelashes in just 30 days. NeuLash delivers moisture which gives boosting softness, elasticity, and shine. This product is created with amino acids and bioengineered peptides to help promote the look … Read more