Curves, Twists & Turns

Not only a hairstyle with a lot of movement but also a common metaphor to sum up the unpredictability of life. I never anticipated I would own my own salon. I always said management was not for me. I never saw myself as a “Boss Babe” or “Boss Lady.” How did it all happen? My … Read more

12 Days of Christmas Gifts, Discounts and Fun here at Adored!

December 7th On the first day of Christmas, Adored gave to me, three free sample packets from the gift basket. December 8th On the second day of Christmas, Adored gave to me, holiday glitter lashes with the mention of 12 days of Christmas. December 11th On the third day of Christmas, Adored gave to me, … Read more

Minx Eyelash Extensions by NovaLash

Minx Eyelashes By NovaLash By Rosie, Adored Salon I am starting to have a new favorite lash style: NovaMinx by NovaLash. Without the sanitary issues associated with animal hair, NovaMinx is created to mimic minx fur. NovaMinx are soft and supple with beautiful, glossy shine. For those clients with sensitive eyelid skin, the NovaMinx is … Read more


#MotivationalMonday Blog By Rosie I decided to give my blog a little twist and change it up about. I usually blog about products, hair, and styling tips but this time I wanted to try to blog about how to help one’s self. I have always been a happy person but at this time in my … Read more

The Natural Look is Trending In 2015

Here are tips to achieve the natural look: Less is more! Less makeup that is!! A simple look with “cat eye” eyeliner and eyelashes. Easily achieve a natural look with Novalash eyelash extensions. Wake up looking like a natural beauty ready to go!! A simple, dewy or athletic glow is all you need. Dancing with … Read more

Mitch Stone Hair Care Products

Mitch Stone Hair Care By Rosie At Adored Salon, Lombard, 630-613-9500 This product line is easy to get “addicted to!” Even the name is addicting to say… “Mitch Stone.” Mitch Stone is an easy and essential line of 4 products. It consists of shampoo and conditioner, texturizing spray, two aerosol sprays, and oil drops. What … Read more

Let’s Talk About Olaplex

What is Olaplex?? Olaplex is a 3 step series of products that work together to multiply and perfect the bonds of the hair. It works on all hair types. This includes anything from straight to naturally curly hair or virgin and highly processed hair. Coloring, lightening, straighteners, perms, heat styling, or even putting tension on … Read more

Salon Products

Soooo… A big thing that we all see is professional salon products being sold at drugstores, grocery stores, Amazon, etc. Don’t be fooled!!! These products might look the same as the ones you see at the salons but they are not!!!!!! What happens is black market underlords will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor, … Read more