Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

“Change your hair, change your life.” We hear the sentiment often. More than ever before, people have thinning hair that has been completely over processed. Their hair can no longer grow, it splits and breaks at a certain length or their hair grows at an incredibly slow rate. The odds are even if you are … Read more

Curly Hair ~ The Ouidad Cut Versus A Regular Haircut

We often get phone calls at the salon where people want the “Ouidad Knowledge.” They want to know the specifics on how to obtain the benefits of this specialty cut, but are obviously hesitant to justify the cost associated with it. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some of the most … Read more

Benefits of Leave-in Conditioners ~ Jackie

As a hairstylist that specializes in naturally curly hair, one question that my clients ask me on a regular basis is “Are there any products that you recommend for dry, dull or frizzy hair?” If you have curly hair and are reading this, you can probably relate!

Naturally curly hair has a raised cuticle so it is always loosing moisture that needs to be replenished. While using a good professional shampoo and conditioner is a great start to quenching thirsty hair, sometimes this is just not enough! A leave-in conditioner is a simple step that a lot of people skip over, but it can be very beneficial to start incorporating it into your hair regimen. Leave-ins take the conditioning a step further and continue to nourish and strengthen the hair strand for the days to follow because it is not rinsed out like your regular conditioner.

Not only do leave-ins replenish your hair with moisture, but they are great to aid in detangling and can work as a heat protectant as well. Think of leave-in conditioners as a primer for your hair. They essentially fill in the porous gaps within the hair strand and smooth down the cuticle to make the application of your styling gel or cream more even and effective.

Two leave-in conditioners that we use at the salon are Moisture Lock and Whipped Curls by Ouidad. Both of these products work great for all hair types. Moisture Lock is formulated with botanical extracts, green tea and vitamin B5 for a light weight conditioner that will leave your curls feeling soft without weighing them down. Whipped Curls can be used as regular conditioner in the shower or as a leave-in conditioner/primer for even more intense hydration. Ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea butter and Glycerin will nourish your dry and damaged locks back to health.

With the change of seasons and summer weather right around the corner, the sun and the pool can take a toll on our hair so what better way to keep your curls looking fabulous than trying out a leave-in conditioner!

Be Adored,

Changing Your Color Using NBR ~ Ze

As most of you know, I was looking to change my hair color from black to vibrant red. It is a long process and I have low patience when it comes to my own hair. Ironic, right!? We are telling people all of the time that change takes time. I should know better! Lol. For … Read more

Favorite Lash Boosting Products ~ Rosie

  I have a lot of clients that ask “How can I have more?” More what? More lashes. Across the board, that is the most frequently asked question, regardless if they are lash lift or eye lash extension clients. Unfortunately lashes lessen as we age because our hair growth cycles become shorter and less frequent … Read more

A Frizz-Free Summer ~ Andrea

With warm weather just around the corner, many of you may be wondering about the best way to control, tame, or straighten your frizz-prone hair. There are several options depending on the look you would like to achieve. ♡ Curls with Ouidad In my opinion, controlling your curly or wavy hair with Ouidad products is … Read more

Refreshing Your Curly Hair ~ Jackie

Who absolutely hates washing and styling their hair every day? I know that I do! Let me share a few helpful tricks that will help you love your gorgeous curls even on day two and three post shampoo. With Ouidad products and the Rake & Shake styling technique your naturally curly hair will never look … Read more

Eyelash Extensions ~ Care 101 ~ Rosie

Once you have eyelash extensions, caring for them properly is very important. Daily cleansing is essential because eyelashes protect your eyes from dust, debris, pollen, pollutants, mold spores, and all other environmental debris. When you have eyelash extensions, your protection is essentially being doubled, hence they are likely to collect even more debris. If debris is allowed … Read more

Hair Color ~ All Nutrient ~ Ze

All Nutrient is an all natural product line, which uses organic oils and natural extracts to deliver highly effective results without any unnecessary chemicals. As an animal lover, my favorite aspect of this company is they believe in “Quality without cruelty” and their mission is to use only natural, botanical ingredients and ensure nothing is … Read more

Hair Extensions ~ Natural Beaded Rows

Hey, guys! This is my first blog in a really long time and I decided I should give a little more insight into NBR–Natural Beaded Rows–hair extensions. Whether in person or on our social media pages, I cannot stop raving about these hair extensions. They. Are. Awesome.

What makes these extensions so unique is that they are put in as rows, meaning less points of contact, which means less damage to your hair! Let’s be real, the unfortunate truth is everything in the end stresses your tresses–from ponytails to brushing to coloring, flat iorning or curling. That is why I am so obsessed with these extensions, they are the least damaging on the market.

I have very fine fragile hair and I was always afraid to get extensions due to the additional damage it would cause. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. And, have never been more in love with my hair!

I get my extensions for length and thickness. No matter your hair texture or density, the extensions can create a variety of different looks giving volume, length or both. They only take approximately three hours to be put in and you can reuse the hair when you have to get them raised after six to eight weeks. Gorgeous hair extensions that are less damaging, reusable, and take less time…they are nothing short of amazing!

Natural Beaded Rows are a must have for the hair of your dreams! Fill out the form below to see if you are a fit for these incredible hair extensions.

Be Adored,

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