Curly Hair ~ The Ouidad Cut Versus A Regular Haircut

We often get phone calls at the salon where people want the “Ouidad Knowledge.” They want to know the specifics on how to obtain the benefits of this specialty cut, but are obviously hesitant to justify the cost associated with it. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some of the most common things questioned and discussed about the Ouidad cut.

Here is the deal. As a longtime professional stylist that has my own mane of curly hair, plain and simple…you need this cut and styling technique. If you have entered “curly haircut” or “curly hairstyles” into your search engine and found us, that is because we are Ouidad Certified. Ouidad is the #1 cutting and styling technique for curly hair. We went to New York to earn this certification to become experts to better serve our clients.

The education on its own certainly gave us the knowledge and confidence that the Ouidad method is by far the best technique to use on curly hair. Then to start utilizing the cut on so many existing clients, and new clients as well, has really been an amazing experience. The Before & After photos are a great representation, as well as the testimonials given to us, time after time, from our clientele.

What is the difference?

With Ouidad, we slide the scissors through your hair to create the shape and movement for a more elongated looking style. Standard cuts often give the dreaded pyramid shape (ie Christmas tree!). The Ouidad cut “skinnies” in the sides, which automatically looks longer. This cannot be duplicated by a regular, layered haircut because that technique uses a straight cut to the layers, creating shelves in your hair essesntially. The sides of your hair would rest on your shoulders typically and as the back hangs long it gets very full at the bottom.

With Ouidad we take the opposite approach. Our trademarked technique is called the Carve & Slice. Once the initial shape is created, we then determine which of these effects would work best, and sometimes both are necessary. When the cut is done properly you can see the curls turn into ringlets and really start to fall into place, like pieces of a puzzle. It is so cool.

Once the cut is complete we teach our clients how to style their own hair from start to finish. This tutorial will take approximately 15-20 minutes but it will go a long way in allowing you to get the most out of your haircut. Ask questions, take notes. We give you all of the tips and tricks available ~ from a variety of techniques to the products and tools we love. You will leave the salon with the ability to achieve the ultimate style at home, all on your own.

With the Ouidad cut you not only have a manageable style, you have a beautiful look. And, the absolute best part is you only need to get this cut approximately every 4 – 6 months. You will be amazed at how well your hair grows in!

Each time we gain a new client, looking to try the Ouidad cut, we are truly as excited as you to see the incredible transformation the cut makes for your hair. When you call our salon, you can take comfort in knowing that we know which cut is the best for your curly hair. The Ouidad cut is THE CUT.



Jennifer Janisch

Owner, Adored Salon