Benefits of Leave-in Conditioners ~ Jackie

As a hairstylist that specializes in naturally curly hair, one question that my clients ask me on a regular basis is “Are there any products that you recommend for dry, dull or frizzy hair?” If you have curly hair and are reading this, you can probably relate!

Naturally curly hair has a raised cuticle so it is always loosing moisture that needs to be replenished. While using a good professional shampoo and conditioner is a great start to quenching thirsty hair, sometimes this is just not enough! A leave-in conditioner is a simple step that a lot of people skip over, but it can be very beneficial to start incorporating it into your hair regimen. Leave-ins take the conditioning a step further and continue to nourish and strengthen the hair strand for the days to follow because it is not rinsed out like your regular conditioner.

Not only do leave-ins replenish your hair with moisture, but they are great to aid in detangling and can work as a heat protectant as well. Think of leave-in conditioners as a primer for your hair. They essentially fill in the porous gaps within the hair strand and smooth down the cuticle to make the application of your styling gel or cream more even and effective.

Two leave-in conditioners that we use at the salon are Moisture Lock and Whipped Curls by Ouidad. Both of these products work great for all hair types. Moisture Lock is formulated with botanical extracts, green tea and vitamin B5 for a light weight conditioner that will leave your curls feeling soft without weighing them down. Whipped Curls can be used as regular conditioner in the shower or as a leave-in conditioner/primer for even more intense hydration. Ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea butter and Glycerin will nourish your dry and damaged locks back to health.

With the change of seasons and summer weather right around the corner, the sun and the pool can take a toll on our hair so what better way to keep your curls looking fabulous than trying out a leave-in conditioner!

Be Adored,