Changing Your Color Using NBR ~ Ze

As most of you know, I was looking to change my hair color from black to vibrant red. It is a long process and I have low patience when it comes to my own hair. Ironic, right!? We are telling people all of the time that change takes time. I should know better! Lol.

For this reason, Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions are even more amazing to me. With them I was able to achieve that more vibrant look while maintaining the integrity of my own hair. We custom colored the hair extensions to a bright red that perfectly blended with my natural hair color.

The color possibilities are truly endless with NBR hair extensions. You can go for a big color change or just a pop of color without having to color your own hair. We also recently had such a fun time with Skyler’s hair. We added baby pink and lavender peek-a-boos using her platinum blonde extensions. Her natural blonde hair was not light enough for those colors to show up so the extensions worked perfectly. And, we didn’t have to go through the process of lightening her real hair. It turned out so cute!

Another frequent scenario where NBR is the perfect option is a lot of blondes want that bright, ashy platinum color but not everyone’s hair can handle all of the lightening that requires at one time. To start the process we combine the brighter hair extensions with the natural hair. This alone gives a dramatically different look without any damage to your hair.

Although I am discussing changing color, let’s not forget that the NBR hair extensions can be easily blended to match your natural hair color. For those that truly want to keep their solid color, it simply gives you that healthier, fuller head of hair without having to alter your natural color.

I really cannot stop talking about these incredible hair extensions. It is definitely NBR or nothing in my world. They gave my hair some real life and I am so excited about the variety of looks I can play around with in the future.

Please come and visit us at the salon if this is what you are wishing for your hair. You will not regret the unbelievable change it would mean for your hair…your look…your style!

Be adored,