Favorite Lash Boosting Products ~ Rosie


I have a lot of clients that ask “How can I have more?” More what? More lashes. Across the board, that is the most frequently asked question, regardless if they are lash lift or eye lash extension clients. Unfortunately lashes lessen as we age because our hair growth cycles become shorter and less frequent than they once were.

I, too, have the same yearning for more lashes. As a Lash Artist I thought even if I can’t have extensions myself, I at least have to have THE BEST natural lashes possible. My solution was lash serums and is what I recommend to all of the clients asking what my secret is to my long, thick lashes.

I have two favorite Lash Serums: Lash + doctor and NeuLash. I have mentioned Lash + doctor in one of my previous blogs but I am more than happy to refresh on why it’s so awesome. Lash + doctor is made by NovaLash and is an  eyelash AND eyebrow serum that conditions, strengthens, and maintains healthy hair growth. The main ingredients that promote such growth are a combination of natural plant extracts, peptides, multi-vitamins, and conditioners that nourish the root and makes it resilient to loss and breakage.

My other favorite is NeuLash by Skin Research Laboratories. NeuLash has a nutrient-rich formula that delivers benefits beyond conditioning. Neulash is fortified with a technology that dramatically improves the weak appearance in eyelashes. The serum is full of moisture that saturates eyelashes in hydration, boosting softness, elasticity and shine. The main ingredients are a combination of amino acids and bioengineered peptides that help promote the look of strength and protect your lashes. Biotin is also an ingredient that fortifies lashes against future damage; and finally Panthenol (derived from vitamin B-5) and pumpkin seed extract nourishes lashes, improve lash flexibilty, improve durability, and helps lashes look luxurious.

For both products the maintenance is applying the serum on your lash line (as if you were putting on liquid eyeliner) at night for 30 days. Once the desired appearance is achieved then the serum needs to be applied just once a week.

Happy long and luxurious lashes, ladies!

Be adored,