Refreshing Your Curly Hair ~ Jackie

Who absolutely hates washing and styling their hair every day? I know that I do! Let me share a few helpful tricks that will help you love your gorgeous curls even on day two and three post shampoo.

With Ouidad products and the Rake & Shake styling technique your naturally curly hair will never look better and the best part is you only need to wash it about two times per week. This not only gives you a low maintenance routine, but it will also help keep your curls from becoming overly dry from constant washing. In order to preserve your style at night while you sleep pull your curls into a loose top bun. If your hair style is not long enough for this then a satin pillowcase or a Pink Pewter expandable headband can be used as a hair wrap to help protect your style overnight.

When you wake up in the morning and let your curls down there are three tricks to refreshing your hair without having to wash and re-style it all over again. First, you will give your hair a spritz with Ouidad’s Botanical Boost. This product has light botanical conditioners and aloe in it which is a natural shrinking agent to help combat frizz while reactivating the original gel that you used to style your hair on day one. Second, if you are someone who loves a little extra hold then spray a bit of the styling mist by Ouidad as your refresher product of choice. Styling mist is a wet hair spray that will help combat frizz and keep your curls under control for multiple days. One last trick, and my personal favorite, is to use a curling iron or a wand to help perk up any pieces of hair that flattenened out too much on your pillow overnight.

With these tips your time getting ready in the morning will be cut in half and your curls will look fresh for days at a time!

Be Adored,