Hair Color ~ All Nutrient ~ Ze

All Nutrient is an all natural product line, which uses organic oils and natural extracts to deliver highly effective results without any unnecessary chemicals. As an animal lover, my favorite aspect of this company is they believe in “Quality without cruelty” and their mission is to use only natural, botanical ingredients and ensure nothing is animal derived.

I have worked with many different color brands but All Nutrient is truly my favorite. Not only for its natural ingredients but it also delivers the best color results too! I have never used a product that gives your hair such amazing shine. The color stays vibrant and true-to-color for weeks and does not fade to a funky shade, like you can see happen with other brands. Another unique point is how well it covers gray hair, which can be quite resistant to color. It has never been a problem with All Nutrient so it is equally a colorists and clients dream come true.

All Nutrient is:
~ 100%Vegan
~ Cruelty Free
~ Synthetic Free
~ Sulfate Free
~ Formaldehyde Free
~ No MEA or DHA
~ No Triclosans
~ No Carcinogens
~ Paraben Free
~ Gluten Free
~ No Toxic Materials or Heavy Metals
~ No Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides

That long list sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Come on in and see the difference the right product can do for your hair.

Love your hair. Be good to you hair.

Be Adored,