Shampoo & Conditioning

Clients often say the shampoo experience is their absolute favorite part of the salon visit. And, I agree! There is nothing quite like the combination of reclining, warm water cascading around you while a massaging cleanse of your mane takes place. If only we could replicate that same level of relaxation, while at home, shampooing our own hair. Although the luxurious aspects are truly a salon experience; the benefits of a salon shampoo & condition can certainly be achieved at home.

First, it is important to understand that our hair is fragile and proper care can make all of the difference for luxurious locks. Did you know it is actually your scalp that needs to be scrubbed and not your hair? The scalp is what produces the oils which naturally moisturize your hair. That oil, although beneficial, is what also makes your hair feel dirty. For this reason, I suggest applying the shampoo at the scalp, massaging firmly and thoroughly. Gently work the shampoo all the way through to the ends of your hair. Rinse completely with warm water prior to conditioning. Avoid using hot water, as it is known to damage hair as well as irritate the scalp.

When applying conditioner we follow the reverse approach, starting at your ends and working your way towards the scalp. Next run a wide tooth comb through your hair to ensure the conditioner is evenly distributed. Once done, rinse completely. To dry, I recommend that you towel BLOT your hair gently. Towel drying with any sort of force can cause additional split ends and breakage.

Most women do not need to shampoo their hair daily, two to three times per week being sufficient. However, if you feel that is not enough for you personally there are many wonderful products for those in-between days. My favorite is Ouidad CoWash, which is a wonderful cleansing conditioner that nourishes and refreshes in one easy step. It is perfect for busy mornings, showering at the gym, or a last-minute GNO!

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