Full Sets: Classic vs. American Volume

Hello Lash Ladies!

Some of my clients have asked me during their fills what is the difference between Classic Lashes and American Volume Lashes. So I will point out the main differences.

-American Volume has a thick base and length compared to Classic the base is thick but the length is finer in the sense you can see the definition in the lashes.

Classic Set                                                                        Volume Set                                                

-American Volume fills can be extended to 4+ weeks. Because of the flared technique. The extensions are fanned, so when shedding starts it’s more forgiving and gaps are hidden between a natural lash and a lash with fanned extensions.

-Classic Sets have a more enhanced natural look.

-American Volume are more dramatic and give a natural smokey eye look.

At the end of the day, both looks are memorizing, make life easier, and can fit your needs. Going from Volume to Classic, or from Classic to Volume is an easy transition if you wanted to change your look.


Rosie Adored Salon Lash Artist