Taking Breaks between Washing Hair

Benefits of Taking Breaks Between Washing Hair
By Rosie, Adored Salon, 630-613-9500

  • Preserve hair color (how I preserve mine).
  • Scalp oils have a natural protective quality that condition hair.
  • Learn how to work with your hair.
  • Natural oil buildup can give you more body and control of your hair.
  • Save time!

Now, I am not saying to wait a month to wash your hair, but maybe wait every other day or every third day between washing.

  • If you enjoy a messy, sweaty, intense workout; hit your hair with a blow dryer at the roots (or with a diffuser for curly hair).
  • For those who need to rinse their hair every day, just rinse with water and conditioner, focusing on just the ends and no scalp).
  • If you have a super oily scalp, try a dry shampoo or talc (powder). Adored Salon carries dry shampoo!