Salon Products

Soooo… A big thing that we all see is professional salon products being sold at drugstores, grocery stores, Amazon, etc. Don’t be fooled!!! These products might look the same as the ones you see at the salons but they are not!!!!!! What happens is black market underlords will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor, then set them aside in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires so they can’t be tracked. During this time, not only does the barcode expire, but so does the product inside becoming ineffective. Another way these products are tampered with is by diluting the product!! You can see that for yourself some of the products’ consistency is completely off from the ones you buy at the salon. Rich and creamy conditioners become thin and runny. The smell of these products can be off as well. Sounds pretty gross!! How is this right?

  • Don’t believe me? Next time you’re in the store look on the back of a Paul Mitchell or Sebastian product and there’s a clear statement on the back that states “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser otherwise it may be counterfeit, black market, old or tampered with.” Aquage products state, “Authorized for sale only in professional salons.” Amika says “salon exclusive.” I can go on.
  • This makes me so angry!!! Not because I am losing a sale, but because alot of times clients hair problems can be solved with the right product. But instead clients can get turrned off from products because they have tried some garbage that did not work and now they don’t trust the real deal that would work wonders for them!!!
  • Next time you’re thinking about buying from those places really think….. Do you really want to waste your hard earned money on something that belongs in the garbage? Especially when the pricing is not even that much cheaper than the real thing.

Ask your stylist for recommendations on products that really will help your hair!!!!