#MotivationalMonday Blog
By Rosie

I decided to give my blog a little twist and change it up about. I usually blog about products, hair, and styling tips but this time I wanted to try to blog about how to help one’s self.

I have always been a happy person but at this time in my life I have had a lot of eye openers that have made me a more happy “at peace” person. This blog pertains to mental health, hair, and fitness.

Let’s start off with mental health. I am generally a person that worries about the future, not that commitment is a fear of mine but the “what ifs” are my weak points of thought. For Christmas Jennifer gave the staff a book called “The Alchemist”. This is what I personally received from the book. In life, we have a calling or a dream, a reoccurring dream or calling that may seem unrealistic to our lives because it is either something that we MAY not achieve or isn’t a “safe option” hence that is why we don’t try to achieve our dream; just because we are scared to go farther or comfortable where we are in life, does that really make one happy if we keep that reoccurring dream or thought? When we actually try to achieve our dream or thought and learn from our mistakes, conquer fears, soak in the achievements, we can keep moving forward and keep in soaking in the good vibes! In this way I thinking I connect it to my life to the following subjects of mental health, hair, and fitness.

My Own Mental Health Story:
I always believed that life was planned out for me in a way. Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a job, go to work, be successful (repeat the last two a million time). For me, it was scary to stay in the beauty industry because ideally it wasn’t what my parents dreamed of, but it was something that was calling out to me. So what I did is jumped into it and loved it. But I am not feeling like this is the end of the line because this is just a stepping stone in life and I think that is why I love it so much. Stepping stone in maybe opening a sister salon or a salon of my own; even when I achieve my dream that’s not the end of it, when I achieve that and become settled I can travel the world! Feeling stuck is normal, trust me “I feel stuck” was my favorite phrase before I decided to see things from a different perspective.

My Hair:
It’s going to sound odd on how I am connecting my hair into this topic, but hey it works. It connects to me through haircuts! Life changing haircuts I am mostly talking about, but also just healthy (more than an inch or two). Change is scary, we are so used to our hair looking a certain way and having people say certain compliments. I think at least at some point in our lives we want to do something drastic and adventurous so why not?! It pertains to the same subject of being scared of going away from our comfort zone. For myself, I knew I needed a change for my hair with the benefit of it being healthy as well. Before I cut my hair everyone knew me for my long luscious red hair and it was scary to think what my hair may be and what others would be thinking once I cut it. I was comfortable with the thought of having long hair always no matter how it felt. But I said to myself “hey at least I am shaving it off like last time…” even then I was scared about doing it although I really wanted to do so thinking “what if” situations; I shaved it anyways and LOVED IT, I loved the attention, I loved how I was able to express myself through the art of my graphics, and I loved the idea I was able to shave my hair and still be feminine about it! If a style is calling out to you, why not try it! The feeling won’t go away of “what if” until you try!!

Finally Fitness:
I have always struggled to be at a “normal” weight. Normal as in being able to get some curves so I can be comfortable with myself. Being a healthy 114-116 lbs would be great for me. So this year I decided to take on personal training (http://www.surgetonewlevels.net/), “get swoll” as some might say. Anyways, my trainer has the same mentality as myself which is great. Sometimes we start to slack on our goals because it becomes too difficult or is seems impossible for to do (who ever thought I could deadlift 125 lbs and increasing). My trainer wants my goal with me and that’s what makes it so great, he knows I can reach any goal because I will work it. But the important word here is PATIENCE. Just like anything we have to work towards our goal and that’s what makes it so satisfying, just like cutting our hair then growing it out or vice versa, just like reaching a dream or goal, just soak in the good vibes?

P.s: if you are looking for a trainer check out his groupon