Pink Pewter Style Refresh

This new product is amazing! It should be in everyone’s bag.This is a dry shampoo and style texturizer in one. Style Refresh can be used several ways.

  1. On CLEAN, WET hair. (My personal Favorite.) Spray into to the root area before your blowout. It starts absorbing oils right away. This will lengthen the time that your blowout lasts!!! (WOOHOO right!? I know you are excited now!) While you blow dry your hair it noticeably has more grip to the round brush and you can see the amount of volume it is creating. Once your blowout is complete you can tease, fluff whatever you want and create a crazy amount of volume EASILY!
  2. As a dry shampoo on 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th day hair, spray Style Refresh at the root area. It will absorb any excess oils and the subtle fresh scent will neutralize any odors. (If you get my drift.) Again it will add a ton of body to a blowout that has gone flat over time.
  3. Last but not least, if you have a fine, silky, soft, fly away texture hair use this product in WET and DRY hair immediately after your blowout! It will give your hair VOLUME and a bit of ATTITUDE! What I mean now is tease that hair like no tomorrow! Get that perfect bump in your crown effortlessly! It will stay. Curl over it. It will stay! ( Just make sure if you use heat make sure to use a thermal protectant before you use heat.)

This is my personal favorite hair product right now for blowouts.We all use it at the salon and it will always be in stock at Adored Salon.