Great Products for Great Lengths Hair

Great Products for Great Lengths Hair Extensions!!

By Rosie:

To maintain your Great Lengths hair extensions’ great appearance we suggest the following products:

  • Great Lengths Color Reflex Shampoo. This is a mild shampoo that helps hair retain moisture. Amino acids in this shampoo makes the hair silky, reduce tangles, and decrease static. The final result is radiant, shiny hair.
  • Great Lengths Conditioner 60 Sec. This conditioner is great for dry, stressed, and damaged hair. In 60 seconds the hair is repaired and stays treated for 60 hours. It’s great!! It does not weigh hair down and rinses out easily. Aquarich delivers valuable regenerative substances for more shine and volume. Aloe Vera balances moisture loss and gives hair a silky feel. Jojoba oil supplies hair and scalp with deep moisture and protects hair from outside elements.
  • Finally, Anti-Tap Water. Anti-Tap Water is essential for hair extensions because it helps maintain the integrity of the hair. Panthenol is the anti-tap that gives extensions moisture and promotes flexibility. Biotin maintains natural balance and natural functions of the scalp and hair. Other ingredients such as GSP-T helps protect against damage due to outside environmental strains.

Take great care with Great Lengths!! by Rosie, Adored Salon, 630-613-9500